Creating your own design “Krispy Kreme” iPhone case [Part 2]

Back to work on my iPhone case! This is how the case looked after the logo was completed:


Various sizes of clear Swarovski crystals were used (SS3, 5 & 7) in order to fill in the space inside the logo. For the outside green border I used one size (SS7) so it looked more uniform. The surrounding background part was relatively easier compared with the logo which needed more precision…all you need here is a steady hand and lots of patience! 

The Deco Princess Glue worked wonderfully with the crystals and had no funky glue smell like the E6000 glue that I used previously. This glue is imported from Japan and is specially formulated for rhinestone use…really cool stuff!

After letting the completed iPhone case dry for 24 hours, the final step is to gently clean the Swarovski crystal surface with a cotton swap and a little bit of nail polish remover - this can help to remove the glue residue and also the occasional tiny white marks from the gem pickup pencil. You can now also remove the paper design from the back of the iPhone case (I just forgot to take it off before taking the photo).

And then, Voila! Behold your very own unique Bling-bling iPhone case! Now, make one for YOUR favorite brand today!


[Note] You can refer to the Part 1 of the Creating your own design “Krispy Kreme” iPhone case.

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